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Why list on ASX?

Gain access to capital in the world’s fastest growing region, with dedicated support from a top 10 global exchange

Capital and liquidity

  • The world’s 5th largest pension pool, set to grow to $10 trillion by the mid-2030s
  • Enhanced liquidity; $8 billion in trading turnover on a daily basis
  • Average of $9 billion in IPO capital raised per annum 2016–20

Global reach

  • Top 10 global exchange for capital raising
  • 40% international investors, providing a gateway to global capital 

Support for early stage and mature companies

  • Long history of funding and listing early stage growth companies
  • A dedicated support program to help you reach out to investors

A globally recognised exchange

  • Robust regulatory environment with a main board listing
  • Over 2,000 listed companies across multiple sectors and geographies
  • A leader in trading infrastructure and technological innovation 

Case studies of recently listed companies

Irish tech company, Fineos’ listing allowed existing shareholders partial liquidity and provided expansion capital to increase sales and product delivery.

  • Market cap at listing:

$661 million

  • Capital raised: 

$211 million

Tyro Payments IPO increased its financial flexibility supporting growth, attracted new investors creating greater liquidity for existing shareholders.

  • Market cap at listing: 

$1.4 billion

  • Capital raised: 

$287 million

San Francisco-based Nitro Software raised IPO capital to fuel growth, repay debt, enhance liquidity and expand its shareholder base.

  • Market cap at listing: 

$325 million

  • Capital raised: 

$110 million

Adore Beauty listed to provide funding to support its growth strategy and enable existing shareholders to partially monetise their investment.

  • Market cap at listing: 

$635 million

  • Capital raised: 

$269 million

Get to know recently listed companies

Booktopia (ASX: BKG) 

James Posnett speaks to Booktopia CEO, Tony Nash. 

Airtasker (ASX:ART) 

Giri Tenneti speaks to Airtasker Limited founder and CEO, Tim Fung. 

Aroa Biosurgery (ASX:ARX) 

Blair Harrison speaks to Brian Ward, CEO, Executive Director & Founder of NZ-based Aroa Biosurgery. 

Why international companies should consider the ASX

Australia’s large, fast-growing pension pool, main board listing and earlier entry to globally recognised indices makes ASX the exchange of choice for international companies. More than 270 international companies are currently listed on ASX.

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ASX Evolve offering support for listed companies 

After your company has listed, ASX provides you with access to investors, research and insights to help advance your company’s continued growth.                                                                                                                                                     

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Contact us

Eddie Grieve

Head of Listings and Issuer Services

Ph: +61 2 9227 0519

Email: listed@asx.com.au

James Posnett

Senior Manager, Listings Business Development

Phone: +61 2 9227 0282

Email: listed@asx.com.au

Blair Harrison

Senior Manager, Listings and Issuer Services (NZ)

Ph: +64 (0)9 985 5630

Email: listed@asx.com.au

Kate Galpin

Business Development Manager, Listings

Phone: +61 2 9227 0627

Email: listed@asx.com.au

Sasha Conoplia

Business Development Manager, Listings

Phone: +61 2 9227 0477

Email: listed@asx.com.au