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Construct innovative client portfolios

ASX provides efficient and cost-effective access to a comprehensive range of investment options, covering shares, ETFs, managed funds, REITs, bonds, hybrids, warrants, options and futures. Ranging from direct securities to both active and passive managed investments – there are solutions to suit every client portfolio.

Key benefits of using ASX

Access a variety of investment options across a range of asset classes and investment strategies.

Benefits for your clients

  • Achieve diversification across a range of asset classes. Via your broker, investors and advisers can access direct securities as well as actively and passively managed investment options that are available on ASX.
  • No administration fees. As most brokers charge per transaction, there are generally no ongoing administration fees, which can be particularly appealing for high net worth clients and Self-Managed Super Funds.
  • Products may offer different tax outcomes. Products may offer different tax outcomes, such as fully franked vs unfranked dividends. Utilizing these product traits in addition to your own tax-based trading recommendations can enable you to provide a variety of tax outcomes for your client.

Benefits for your practice

  • Efficient applications. Account establishment and identification for CHESS settled products is a once-off process. Future transactions for all cash market products and unlisted managed funds via the mFund service are managed electronically. No more paper forms.
  • All investments are held in one place. Investments held under a CHESS Holder Identification Number (HIN) are viewable online 24/7 by yourself and your client. This makes your record keeping and client servicing easy.
  • Transparency and settlement certainty. As most listed products are traded and settled on a T+2 basis, you can establish, rebalance and exit portfolios quite quickly.   
  • More time to focus on value-added advice. As product implementation is executed with efficiency, you have more capacity to focus on other services, such as:
    •  investment strategy and the construction of high-performing portfolios
    • deepening the advice relationship with your clients
    • developing specialist areas of expertise such as estate planning.        
  • Security and supervision. ASX markets and clearing and settlement facilities operate in a highly regulated environment, overseen by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission and the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Videos: Market trends, benefits and know your product structures

A range of investment options for your client portfolios

Contact ASX

Rory Cunningham

Senior Manager, Investment Products

Ph: +61 2 9227 0171


Helen Chong

Business Development Manager

Ph: +61 2 9227 0628


Anastasia Anagnostakos

Business Development Manager 

Ph: +61 2 9227 0869