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Electronic delivery of CHESS holding statements and notifications

Now it is easier to stay on top of your holdings with ASX’s CHESS Statements Portal 

Electronic statements and notifications are here

ASX has launched the ASX CHESS Statements Portal, giving you the ability to receive electronic notifications about your holdings.

To access the portal, your broker will need to opt you in. 

If you have not opted in, you will continue to receive CHESS holding statements and notifications in the mail.

Once you have opted in, all of your statements and notifications will be available through the ASX CHESS Statements Portal and you will no longer receive paper statements.

What are CHESS holding statements and notifications?

CHESS is the system that ASX uses to keep track of investors’ holdings and personal details.

Currently ASX sends a CHESS holding statement in the mail to investors at the end of the month if there has been a change to a security they hold - one for each security, for example if the investor has bought or sold securities.

CHESS notifications are also sent to investors shortly after they inform their broker of changes to their details, such as name and address.

The benefits of electronic communications

The shift away from paper-based communications will make it easy for you to stay on top of your holdings, and benefit the environment by reducing waste. 

Fast, reliable and secure

Electronic statements will provide you with a fast, reliable and secure confirmation of changes to your CHESS holding details.

Good for you, good for the planet

Electronic statements mean you can cut down on paperwork, and also helps the entire industry reduce its carbon footprint.

Better value for everyone

Electronic statements are more efficient to produce and store, providing more value for brokers and their clients. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Help your customers opt in to electronic statements

The ASX CHESS Statements Portal is now available enabling your customers to receive notifications and statements about their CHESS holdings electronically.  

We encourage you to ask your customers if they would like to opt in to receive electronic CHESS statements and notifications. 

Your customers will continue to receive CHESS holding statements and notifications in the mail until they have been opted in to receive them electronically.  

If they don’t opt in, these CHESS communications will continue to be sent as normal.

The benefits of electronic notifications

The shift away from paper-based communications will benefit your customers through easier access, and increase efficiency for you. 


Fast, reliable and secure

Electronic statements will provide your customers with a fast, reliable and secure confirmation of changes to their CHESS holding details.

Improved client satisfaction

Your customers will be able to view all of their CHESS holdings through a secure portal at any time.  

Coming soon: Improved return mail processes

Over the coming months returned mail will be phased out. The process will be improved with broker accessing return mail reports via the ASX Online Participants Portal rather than having to process individual letters.

Coming soon: Improvements to the returned mail process

Over the coming months, brokers will be able to use an improved process to deal with returned mail.

Brokers will have access to the ASX Online Participants Portal to retrieve undeliverable mail reports.

The report will contain details of any undeliverable mail, including the customer’s PID and the investor HIN reference. Email bounce-back details will also be available via the ASX Online Participants Portal. 

This will create time savings and efficiencies with the reduction of manual mail handling.

Start transitioning your clients

There are a few steps you can take to start helping your customers make the shift to electronic statements.

To get your business ready to offer electronic statements to customers, please review the Technical and Process Factsheet linked below.

Customers can choose to receive electronic communications from ASX, and if they do, they can also consent for their email contact details to be provided to issuers. This means you will need to consider privacy laws and requirements of your customers.

If your customers decide to opt in to ASX electronic communications, you will need to manage and maintain their communication preference by setting up processes to:

  • Offer your customers the service;
  • Make changes to their email address;
  • Manage undeliverable emails; and
  • Allow customers to opt out of the service.

We're here to support you

ASX has prepared a Technical and Process Factsheet to help you manage the transition to electronic CHESS holding statements and notifications. 

We will work with you, your business and your customers to make the transition to electronic statements and notifications as seamless as possible. To encourage use of the service, this includes waiving certain fees relating to opting your existing customers into the electronic communications service. 

For further information contact issuers@asx.com.au