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ASX participant fee schedule

Fee information relating to trading, clearing and settlement

Participant type Platform Act for clients Application and administration fee Annual fee
ASX Trading Participant ASX Trade Yes A$25,000 +GST A$2,500 +GST
ASX 24 Trading Participant ASX Trade 24 Yes A$25,000 +GST A$10,000 +GST (Waived)
ASX Clear - General CHESS/DCS Yes A$50,000 +GST A$7,500 +GST
ASX Clear - Direct CHESS/DCS Yes A$25,000 +GST A$5,000 +GST
ASX Clear (Futures) Genium Clearing Yes A$25,000 +GST A$10,000 +GST (Waived)
ASX Settlement (General) CHESS Yes A$10,000 + GST A$5,000 +GST
ASX Settlement (Account) CHESS Yes A$5,000 +GST A$2,500 +GST
ASX Settlement (Specialist) CHESS N/A A$5,000 +GST A$2,500 +GST